About Mev1

Hi! Thank you for visiting! 

I started mBakinga to share my experiences from baking recipes I have found over the Internet. I do not have any professional culinary experience. That could be why some recipes I tried did not work out well. Nonetheless, I believe that anyone can still whip up something delicious from the comfort of their home kitchens.

What’s mBakinga?

It stands for Modest Baking Adventure.


I like to try recipes using ingredients that are easily obtainable in Singapore and are not too expensive to make.


I prefer baking to cooking most of the time. Some recipes may require the direct heat from cooking it over the stove. However, I don’t fancy standing in front of an open flame and would try to find alternatives where possible.


With so many recipes available on the Internet, I am on the search for one that is delicious and easy for a novice to replicate. Also, the ideal recipe should not require too many specialised tools and ingredients to make since a home kitchen would not likely have them.

I gladly welcome you to join me on this journey and as we search for that perfect recipe out there for both of us.

You may contact me by email at mbakinga20@gmail.com or through my socials below.